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Aug 21 by Evil-Alien-Nicole Aug 21 by Evil-Alien-Nicole
As the title suggests, this is from way back in August so it's old as SHIT. And I was working at the museum at the time and basically had 0 (zero) minutes per day to draw anything.

That being said, this is m'boy Kingsley - the most relevant out of all my characters. If you're only gonna know one of them, know this one. Like, six of my college friends have already asked me to draw porn of him and I did it and oh my god im so ashamed

About Kingsley

Kingsley is a large stuffed bunny, about 7 feet tall (w/ears). He is the bodyguard of mafia underboss-ette Saccharine Sydney who you'll find VERY OLD concept art of on here if you look hard enough. Formerly a 20something nursing student, Kingsley died of a rather ironic illness and was reborn into this stuffed bun body, and then promptly assigned to watch over the recently-dead Sydney. He presents himself as a fast-talking, slightly cynical wisecracker, keeping his partner grounded and alive. Yet, he's prone to teary breakdowns whenever his self-esteem drops too low - and being in the body of a stuffed rabbit, it does tend to do that. His knowledge of medicine, fast sense of humour and inherent (if somewhat fake) charisma keep him a favourite amongst his friends, but he spends his nights wondering if he could ever be as cool as people think he is.

If that all seems confusing, consider this: my universe, les Lacs Malades, takes place where if you die young enough, you have a good chance of getting your soul stuffed into some random inanimate object because there's not enough of a sustainable population. Hope that helps.

Time: I don't remember but like...half an hour i think
Software: fucKING FIRE ALPACA (didnt have sai on new compy yet)
Time of day: like 9 pm cause i had no other time for anything in August
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December 29, 2015
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